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Light vs Dark Exhibition - Peaceful Progress

Bryce Davies - Monday, December 19, 2016

Well, that was fun! After a month of planning, painting, building, promoting, stressing, more  painting, hanging, lighting, and last minute problem solving, we finally opened the doors to the Peaceful Progress “Light vs Dark” exhibition. We had people travel down from London, Nottingham, Kent, Cambridge, Birmingham, Carmarthen, and all over Cardiff to the opening night. A great mix of people and great positive vibes. It was amazing to have so many people turn up despite the weather being… and I quote a friend of ours… “Biblical”. I mean biblical in the sense that we half expected Noah to float by on his Ark, it was that wet!

Some Thank-you’s are in order. Firstly to Paul Allen, who has done an amazing job documenting so much of it, and also lending me the equipment to time-lapse around 3 weeks of painting in the space. This is all for a film project based on Peaceful Progress and centred around the show… but thats all a bit under-wraps for now. Watch this space. Thanks to the DJ’s who came from London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Berlin to rock the space and create great vibes! JSTAR, Tom Porridge, Brain, Dan Jose, Rich Roast and Kevs. Thanks to David Gardiner and Steve Dubs for the lighting. Thanks to Alex Kidd for helping whitewash the space at the beginning, and lending us the decks, and thanks to Gorilla Audio for help with the PA. Lastly, thanks to everyone who came and checked the show and made it such a great night!